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Northeast Intune Magazineune

Allison Kennedy

In a city where many bands come, but most go, The Apple Bros have persevered, sticking with their fickle lady New York; and are finally beginning to see some of the fruits (no pun intended) of their labor. After years in the trenches the Bros have proven not only do they have the guts to make it in the music industry, but they also have the goods to back it up with.

With their new single "Long Enough to Pretend" and 2 albums under their belt ..On an Empty Stomach.. released in 2005, and ..Nashville.. released in 2004, this guitar driven band presents a classic rock sound in which their long time rock influences CCR, Guns and Roses, AC/DC and Tom Petty are clearly evident. They've even had the privilege of working with Petty's own engineer Richard Dodd.

So as emo bands, screamo bands and everything in between 'o' bands come and go, you can rest assured, this handsome quartet of dedicated rockers are here to stay. weblog

David Huijzer

Sometimes you get cd's that make you want to jump through your room, that leave you breathless, that will bring tears to your eyes and that make you want to play them to the whole world. It happened to me when I heard London Calling for the first time, it happened with Leave home by the Ramones, let it be from The replacements and Lost and found by Jason & The Scorchers.

That was all a long time ago, but this week it happened again (the new cd's of Dan Baird and Scott Kempner I wrote about the past few weeks are brilliant but in a way you know what to expect): the band that gave me this sensation: The Apple Bros.

How does one find a band like that: quite simple. I was reading Eric Ambel's blog about a show he gave with the Bottle Rockets and the Apple Bros. That made me curious, so I checked out their website and downloaded the mp 3's. It all sounded quite nice so I ordered the cd's. They were delivered this week and after the first time playing I knew: 'I've heard the future of rock n roll and it's name is The Apple Bros'.

Their Music is somewhere between the Stones, southern rock, soul, CCR, the Bottle Rockets, the Black Keys and The Black Crowes, but to compare them wouldn't be fair: the Apple bros are more than those influences. A singer with a voice to die for, guitars that sound as they are mend to do, groovy and dirty, melodies that are classics and an intensity that one rarely hears these days: these guys are born to make music.

The First cd Nashville is a bit rootsier than the second one which has a bit more punky approach. Both cd's are filled with beautiful songs, it is hard to pick a few favourites.

This is past the hypes (f... off White Stripes etc) and past all 'look at me being cool' (although my son says 'cool' is out): this is music from the heart, directed at the heart and groin. Rock n roll like God wanted it to be ( and I am talking about Chuck, not Elvis, yes God is black). I could go on for hours, but it's best to listen for yourself: go to their website, listen to the mp 3's, buy the cd's.

National Public Radio

All Songs Considered

New York City's The Apple Brothers are James Patrick (vocals, guitars) and Lou Robert (drums), a rock 'n' roll duo originally kept to just family.

But recent additions to the lineup, Ben Toro (bass) and Joel Cannon (guitars), make the band's latest, On An Empty Stomach, sound more full, and more Nashville than New York. The band says it's been collectively inspired by "CCR to GNR, AC/DC to Tom Petty," the band members said.

"[We were] weaned on everything from classic rock and Stax soul to outlaw country," the band said. But the band says it keeps a local New York flavor to their countrified rock 'n' roll, referencing local neighborhoods and streets on "Who Am I to Blame."

In concert, The Apple Brothers have opened for Cheap Trick, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and Junior Brown, among others. The band is recording its as-yet-untitled, third record in May.

The Aquarian Weekly

Adrian Gregory Glover

Here we have what is now becoming the classic guitar/drum duo. Naw, this one does not have a hot chick on the drums but instead they are two guys who know how to write a damn good song.

The local NYC kids have a nice little buzz going and this release could really kick start things off for them to the next level. The record's closer, "Crying in the chapel/Don't let me down" is simply what records used to be about in terms of finishing a game off right.

Having worked with Tom Petty engineer Richard Dodd, the Brothers must have picked up a few tips along the way when it comes to reeling back the bluster long enough to make the hooks work to your advantage.

Towards the middle, the daring "Bad blood" sets the kind of foreboding mood that the title would imply and yet works at a pace that seems to seperate itself from the rest of the record. The real deal here folks. GRADE: A.


Bill Ribas

You know, I appreciate the White Stripes for their stripped-down approach, but their music doesn't do much for me. This duo, on the other hand, will rock you like a hurrican, and make the Stripes seed pedestrian. This is raunchy, gravelly, sweat-drenched juke fare that belts it out like an old Chevy SS 396. Sure, the ride may be a bit bumpy, but once you hit the pedal, you're grinning till you run out of gas.

Their first band, Hot Water, put out a disc with the help of Richard Dodd (of Grammy fame and acquaintance of Tom Petty), and they've supported the Blues Explosion, and thats about all the facts I can toss you. As for their music, the guitar is often distorted, often with a slight flanger effect on it, the drums provide a big feel without being too busy, and the vocals, ahh, those vocals, raunchy, raspy, strained at times but always there. This is a surprisingly good album, both from a songwriting aspect, and from the stand point that it's primarily just a guitar and drums (though sometimes horns sneak in). You'll have to hear it to belive it, and thats what I telling you to do.

The Rock & Roll Report

Mark Boudreau

I don't like the term Americana (probably because I'm Canadian) but country-fried rock would be about the best description that one could use when describing the Apple Bros latest CD "On An Empty Stomach."

From the fuzzed out start of "I Want More" to that great riff on "Hide" to the funky "Bad Blood" this is a great and welcome return for me to a style of music that I haven't listen to in too long. With echos of Steve Earle, you can tell this New York-based band have poured their heart and soul into this stuff and it shows on every track. I honestly can say I loved every track and the ending medley of "Crying in the Chapel/Don't Let Me Down" brought a smile to my face with its honest, passionate performance.

The Apple Bros are veterans of the New York rock scene and you can sense that in both the sound of this CD. Great production values, songs that get better with each listen and some well chosen covers make "On An Empty Stomach" a great listen. Thanks guys for reintroducing me to a style I have given short shift to recently. Well done.